Invading a Magnolia’s Privacy

Here are a couple of pics of the magnolias that survived our April snowstorm.  I’ve always loved the fuzzy little buds that the magnolia produces in early Spring.  They’ve always seemed like tiny little animals to me!  Today, while studying them, I realized that the “fuzzy buds” seemed overwhelmingly familiar to me… hmmm… then it hit me!  the “pile length” and density… even the feel of them is EXACTLY like Sassy Long Pile!  I mean exactly…. I use this fabric often when I create miniature bears… take a peek!

I’d have to say that it most closely resembles the tan shade.  Wow! 

Magnolias, aside form being beautiful and ever so fragrant, are fascinating flowers.  Really, we have no business growing them here in N.E. Ohio!  There are a few varieties that will grow, but often the buds are winter burned due to our unpredictable Spring weather.  These aren’t quite open yet…  I wanted to get a shot of the inner workings of the flower.  It felt almost like an invasion of privacy as I did it.  The center portion, called the carpel forms the “female parts” of the flower.  An ancient species of plant, magnolias date back to at least the Jurassic Period!  That’s before there were even bees around to pollinate the flowers.  So, they developed these fairly tough carpels to withstand pollination by beetles!  Neat.   


2 thoughts on “Invading a Magnolia’s Privacy

  1. Kim ,I really enjoyed your magnolia slide show. I love nature, especially flowers. I chuckled when I read your comments comparing the flower to Sassy fabric. Ah, a truly and well hooked bear artist you are ! But, you are so right it looks just like the long pile LOL.

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