My imagination has wings…

     Everyone has flying dreams.  Everyone.  From the earliest times men have dreamed of flying and wondered what it means.  Long before we ever came to the realization that someday it would truly be possible for humans to soar to the clouds and beyond in hot air balloons, airplanes, and rockets…. we still thought about it.  Often with eyes closed, and heads planted firmly upon pillows! 

I never really fly in my own dreams, it’s more like a HUGE jump.  And, I am always disappointingly aware that I am still firmly tethered to the ground… as if I have a huge rubber-band attached to one ankle.  A landing is inevitable, and landings can be ever so difficult!  I know it will happen, I’m just not sure HOW!  

I think I’ve made all my choices in life in that very manner.  Easily jumping off on a whim, certain that I will eventually land, but with a momentary panic between sky and earth.  I have to scramble to get my legs all straightened out underneath me to accept the shock of the landing.  It requires thought, and I know I have weak ankles.  The ground will come fast and hard.  Bend your knees.  That’s it!  And I’m ready to jump again.                                              


Even when your imagination allows you to soar, you still have to THINK about that landing!                        


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