Thank Goodness… Spring has “re-Sprung!”

After our disastrous “Spring” weather of the last few weeks, we’ve re- sprung here and things are just about back to normal.  Thank goodness the lilacs had not yet formed their buds…. they’ll be here soon, and I can’t wait! 


Here’s little “Apple” amongst the blossoms that bear her delicious name!  So happy to be able to take bear photos outside again!  

I’ve always wondered why celebrities give their children such “unique” names…. I guess there’s nothing wrong with “saddling” a child with a name like “Apple” or “Moonfrie” when that child is already “saddled” with being the daughter of Gwenyth Paltrow, or whomever!  Maybe?  I’d never name a child of mine after a fruit, but I do think it makes a lovely moniker for a teddy!  Apple….

Apple will be available on eBay until the evening of April 29th.  You can take a peek right here:


2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness… Spring has “re-Sprung!”

  1. Absolutely lovely, Kim!! I love how your muzzles are so clearly defined, and Apple’s wee face just tugs at one’s heartstrings! She is darling!

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