Marcella … black mohair is tough to photograph!

UPDATE  :  Marcella is now sold. 

I’ve heard it said before, time and time again.  “Black mohair is tough to photograph.”  And now I KNOW that it’s true!  This little one gave me fits trying to photograph her.  I should probably spend more time learning the ins and outs of digital photography and it’s various nuisances , but who has time?   I spent some time working as a photographer’s model back in high school, and again in college, so I do know a bit about speaking to the camera through gesture and with one’s eyes.  I understand THAT connection… and as I look through the camera, it’s usually pretty easy for me to capture that connection.  I take maybe 15 shots of each bear and edit down to about five or six  that I really like.  I took almost 50 shots of this teddy bear, and really only had a few that I was able to use!  It’s true what they say about black mohair….. and I think I’ll be back to pastels next week. 

Click the below link to visit Marcella on eBay…


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