Faerie Finery

I just completed this lovely little bit of nostalgia.  It’s a veritable field of old fashioned ribbon flowers in shades of rose, peachy-pink, mauve, lavender, and grape.  The gathered skirt is made of 100% silk organza layered with a glimmering bridal tulle in the same pale tan/beige.  A fun little piece fit for a flower fairy to frolic about in!


Here’s the lucky little fairy who wanted the skirt!

And an indoor shot…


6 thoughts on “Faerie Finery

  1. *gasp* *GASP* *GASP GASP GASP* That is so incredibly beautiful!!! WOW, Kim!!! Stunning, completely enchanting!! Who is it for? You MUST take photos of them in it!!

  2. Thanks hon! You know what… It was actually for a teddy! I did a commissioned piece not too terribly long ago… a faerie, of course, and my client said that she really liked the ribbon work I’ve been doing of late, and it just kind of developed from there. It’s crazy what you can do with a few pieces of ribbon, and a bunch of TIME! You know what though, my daughter Miranda DOES want a 6 year old sized version for herself. I may just do it too! She’s a bit “pixie-led” as well. Like Mother, like daughter I guess!
    I’ll post a pic of the bear who wears this!

  3. Wow Kim – I saw this skirt the other day and it is just gorgeous. I am so envious of your ribbon embroidery skills! I bet your customer is super happy with the end result – what a gorgeous fairy! And….I’m with your daughter, what girl wouldn’t want one!

  4. Good grief, that skirt is gorgeous! I saw it when I peeked at your blog the other day but didn’t realize it was a bear… which I haven’t seen yet. Really, a very faerie-realm, ethereal, soft and feminine look you’ve gotten with this whole thing. I’ve got a few books on ribbon embroidery myself (even loaned one or two to Dilu a while back) but I’ve not found the time to explore it in depth, yet. Might have to delve, after all this gorgeous, flowery inspiration you’ve provided. Bravo!

  5. Thanks Shel, glad you like it! Oh, you absolutely MUST give it a whirl when time permits. It’s almost like oragami with ribbons! Fun stuff & a nice break from sewing bears. Plus, since your household is all BOYS, you won’t run the risk of having a pair of big, brown, 6 year old eyes looking up at you and asking, “Mommy, could I please have this ribbon for my pig tails?” I’m usually more than happy to share from my stash, but not when it’s $20 a yard silk ribbon from the 1890’s!
    Jeeze Louise, those would be some pricey pigtails, wouldn’t they? Yikes!
    Let me know if you need any recomendations for suppliers. I’ve found some GREAT ones!

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