Proud to be a Hudsonite!

As the world gets smaller and smaller, and I communicate more folks all around this beautiful country as well as internationally, I’ve found that Ohio is one of thoes states that doesn’t have a reputation to proceed it!  Seriously, no one knows anything about Ohio… we are just a pretty quiet state.  I was on Wikipedia the other day searching for some info about my town, Hudson to send to a lovely collector in France who had inquired, “What’s Hudson like?”  Guess what, there is a little article about Hudson!  YEA… just a click away!  I even learned a few things about my city that I didn’t know before!  I’dnever heard of an “exhurb” before now.  So, for those of you who have imagined that I live and work in a cornfield… I can finally show you that I don’t!  We DO have lots of corn fields though!



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