From Wonder World by Kate Greenaway

Out of Wonder World I think you come;
For in your eyes the wonder comes with you.
The stars are the windows of Heaven,
And sometimes I think you peep through.

Oh, little girl, tell us do the Flowers
Tell you secrets when they find you all alone?
Or the Birds and Butterflies whisper
Of things to us unknown?

Or do angel voices speak to you softly,
When we only hear a little wind sigh;
And the peaceful dew of Heaven fall upon you
When we only see a white cloud passing by?

My Mother read Kate Greenaway to me quite often when I was a child, and this particular verse has stuck with me though my adult years.   Ms. Greenaway and I tend to see things the same way…

“Living in that childish wonder is a most beautiful feeling – I can so well remember it. There was always something more – behind and beyond everything – to me, the golden spectacles were very, very big.” ~ Kate Greenaway

I think that many of us remember it… like it was yesterday and hold ever so tightly to remembrances of that experience.  When I remove all the clutter from my mind, it’s ever so easy to see things that way again. 

You can read more about Kate Greenaway… a Victorian era illustrator and writer for children by clicking here….


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